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QBAS Co., Ltd. is a leading ODM/OEM manufacturer of Scuba Diving Masks / Snorkels / Fins, Snorkeling Masks / Snorkels / Fins, and Swimming Goggles and Accessories, SafetyEyewear / Safety goggles. QBAS is completely vertically integrated with it’s Research and Development Center in Taichung, Taiwan, and it’s Factory in Cholburi, Thailand.

As QBAS personnel are enthusiastic divers, snorkelers and swimmers, we design and develop products to enhance the user’s experience. The approach results in numerous utility patents each year. Our design and development capabilities include: 3D designing, mold flow analysis, rapid prototyping, mold design and making all in house.

The factory is organized to produce superb quality products at competitive costs. Our manufacturing capabilities at the factory include: custom material compounding, liquid silicone injection, plastic injection, compression silicone molding, automated swim goggle production, glass cutting and tempering, vacuum electro-plating, assembly, packaging, and in-house testing. In an ever changing world, QBAS is the one-stop shop for innovative and quality products.


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